Drought may further affect Venezuela's Guri dam - Edelca

(ADPnews) - Mar 12, 2010 - Venezuela's Guri hydroelectric dam may see its operating capacity significantly reduced in mid-May if the current drought continues, state-owned power utility Electrificacion del Caroni (Edelca) warned yesterday.
The situation at Guri could become critical if the severe drought continues, Edelca's head, Igor Gavidia, said.
The 10,000 MW Guri has already been affected by the drought, which cut the water dam level. A further deterioration may cut the complex's operating capacity by at least a half due to insufficient water.
This will create additional problems for Venezuela. Earlier this year, the government launched power rationing in the whole country, except for the capital Caracas where the major electricity consumers were obliged to reduce their consumption.

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